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When patients from in and around Scotch Plains and Union, New Jersey develop neuroma, the gifted podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey provide expert diagnosis and treatment for this painful condition.

Q & A

What is a neuroma?

A neuroma is a thickening of the tissue around a nerve that is typically located in the ball of the foot. Symptoms are usually aggravated while walking or standing on the ball of the foot for long periods of time (like when wearing high heels). Patients often feel the sensation of a “pebble” or “rock” under their foot as the inflamed tissue can become so large that it can be felt under the skin.

How is a neuroma diagnosed?

Simple physical examination by a medical provider can often detect neuroma. Pressure placed at the site of the complaint will allow a physician to determine their presence simply by the patient reporting pain or discomfort when the examination is done. A physician can additionally order x-rays to ensure that there are no other underlying conditions that can be causing the patient’s symptoms.

How is neuroma treated?

Often, conservative treatment is useful to reduce swelling and enable the client to have more comfort while walking. This will often be enough to allow pain and swelling to reduce and heal. If poor footwear is to blame for the pain, changing this footwear to a proper fitting type will provide relief for the affected patient. Since nerves are often the root of neuroma, any treatment to decrease pressure on these nerves will enable good treatment for the patient. High heels are often the culprit when diagnosing neuroma and reduction in the frequency and duration of use of high heels can result in reduced symptoms of neuroma. Your doctor can provide orthotics that relieve pressure in affected areas of the foot. Over the counter medications are beneficial as well as prescription pain medications if the pain is too severe for the patient. Additionally, injectable pain reduction medications are also utilized. Some doctors also utilize shockwave therapy to reduce the symptoms of neuroma. If you have pain in the foot that is interfering with daily living, consult your doctor. Perhaps this condition is easily treatable and can be reduced in a simple and effective manner.

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