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Ankle Injuries Specialist

Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey

Podiatrists located in Scotch Plains, NJ & Union, NJ

The podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey provide expert diagnosis and treatment for injuries to the foot and ankle. Appointments are available at offices located in Scotch Plains and Union, New Jersey.

Q & A

What are common foot injuries?

Since the feet have the most contact with the ground, they tend to absorb most if not all pressure and shock of walking and running. Additionally, this pressure can be amplified if shoes are not sized correctly, muscles in feet are sore or tight, or if complications such as diabetes are present. Injuries such as turf toe, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and ligament tears are associated with athletic injuries. Charcot arthropathy and foot ulcers are related to diabetes complications.

What are common ankle injuries?

Along with feet, ankles aid in moving the foot in its normal gait. Additionally, it is the first major joint to take the pressure of walking or running from the feet. If a ligament or tendon becomes tight or strained during movement, injuries such as partial tears or sprains can occur. Additionally, undue strain on the ankle can result in varying degrees of fractures. These types of ankle injuries are common with activities with frequent side to side pivoting like basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. If you suspect you have injured a ligament or tendon, the doctors at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey are available to help as we offer same day appointments.

When should I see a doctor about an injury?

If a patient believes that they have sustained a fracture, medical attention is necessary as soon as possible. If the patient notices swelling, redness, discoloration, or difficulty walking, seek medical advice. If a doctor is not available utilize the RICE plan. This is an acronym for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This will allow for swelling to reduce and patient to make a more accurate determination to whether or not an injury has happened.

What are common treatments for foot and ankle injuries?

This will depend on the severity of the injury sustained. Treatments can range from anti-inflammatory medication to decrease pain and swelling to the setting of bone for healing from a fracture. These bone sets do not require surgery unless the bone is unable to be set manually. Additionally, plates and screws can be utilized to help set the bone more effectively. Immobilization of the affected area may be necessary if the injury sustained is severe enough. Your medical provider can give the best advice to how an injury can be treated.

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