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Callus Specialist

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When patients in Northeastern New Jersey develop calluses on their feet that cause discomfort, the podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey can provide treatments to remove the calluses and protect the feet. Appointments are available at offices located in Scotch Plains and Union, New Jersey.

Q & A

What Are Calluses?

Calluses are areas of thick, hardened, dead skin that form to protect the skin and structures under the skin from pressure, friction, and injury. Calluses usually appear as grayish or yellowish hardened lumps of skin. They are typically less sensitive to the touch than surrounding skin, and feel rough. Calluses on the feet generally form on the ball of the foot, the heel, and the underside of the big toe. They often form where the foot and the beginning of a toe meet.

How Are Calluses Treated?

Calluses can be gently sloughed away although, patients are often advised to wear comfortable flat to prevent the calluses from reforming. A podiatrist may cut away some of the thickened skin using a sharp blade called a scalpel. This helps to relieve pressure on the tissue underneath. This is particularly useful when calluses form on the ball of the foot and cause a painful pressure point when the patient takes a step. You should never try to cut the callus away by yourself. You could harm healthy tissue or spread infection.

Can I Prevent Calluses?

You can also help prevent corns and calluses by looking after your feet and choosing the right shoes to wear. The doctors at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey recommend proper foot care including:

  • Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them and apply a moisturizing foot cream
  • Use a pumice stone or foot file regularly to gently remove hard skin. If you use a pumice stone, make sure it dries completely between uses so it doesn’t grow bacteria.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that fit correctly. You should be able to move your toes inside the shoe with a small gap between the front of the shoe and your longest toe. If possible, avoid wearing heels as they increase the pressure on the front of your feet.
  • Don't put up with foot pain as if it's normal. Make an appointment with one of the podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Jersey to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your foot pain.

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